Sunday, March 10, 2013

Synopsis of the script

Seeking actor and actress for short film entitled Personal. Personal is the story of how two very lonely people who meet for a business transaction end up creating a relationship that is much more personal. 

Summer is a bar prostitute who has tried to harden her heart in order to do what she thinks she needs to do.  She is basically a sensitive, inquisitive, intelligent woman, who from whatever circumstances, has gotten herself into thinking that she is only a prostitute. She even seems to almost pride herself in being professional at her job. She tries to distance herself from clients; she has clear rules about what is allowed and forbidden and she tries to keep everything on a purely physical level. Confronted with the clear loneliness and misery of Jack, she finds herself deeply moved in spite of her attempts to belittle and criticize his emotions. Most likely, her attraction to Jack is more about sympathy than sex but it is difficult to draw such lines. Summer's journey is essentially from trying to take a cold, professional attitude to having honest and deep sympathy for a fellow, suffering human being whose pain and loneliness she understands all too well. 

Jack is a deeply depressed and somewhat self-pitying individual who seeks a little professional female companionship in the hopes of being able to feel better somehow. However, once he actually has the woman in his room, he feels some kind of need for closer companionship. The presence of this attractive and somehow sensitive woman opens him up in ways he didn't expect. He finds himself thinking too much and too openly about a recently soured relationship that seems to be the source of his suffering. He even takes the risk of embarrassing himself by being too emotional. And once he realizes that Summer understands him, that she seems to have had some kind of painful emotional experience that makes her sympathetic to him, he completely opens up to her. He pours out his heart because he can't stop himself. 

So in the end, what was supposed to be a simple financial transaction for sexual favors becomes a very personal encounter between two people whose desperation is ripped open and put on display.